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All Notarize Platform Users

How Does Notarize Work?


This video will provide a high-level workflow overview of the notarization process.

How to Set Up Your Real Estate Account with Notarize


How to Send a Notarization Request


Learn how to create and send a notarization request to your signer.

Your Signer’s Experience with Notarize

Resources you can share with signers:

See firsthand what it's like for your customers to use Notarize. This video covers from the moment they receive the email inviting them to start the process through their meeting with an online notary.

How to Send a Proof Transaction


Your Signer's Experience with Proof


How to Manage Completed Documents

Learn how to access transaction details, including viewing the transaction's status and downloading a completed document.


Learn how to access and download completed documents and view transaction summary details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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